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Your Questions About Skin Care Treatment For Oily Skin

John asks…

Skin care: for your chest?

All right so I am sure that most of us have noticed that your chest can be oily. Mine is at least. I’m talking about the part under your collar bone and above your breasts.
So there is a daily skin treatment for oily skin or someones face in general. So I’m wondering if anyone has used face care routines on their chest?
I’m thinking that it could work, I’m just wondering if anyone has a suggestion or what they do?

jennmill answers:

Acne on your chest is really annoying— I would know, I have struggled with it for years.

It seems impossible to get rid of, right? It’s because it’s usually covered with clothing and doesn’t get to breathe like your face does.

The best thing to do is show no mercy. Yes, facial acne treatments can work on your chest. If you go too easy on your chest, you might as well do nothing. I find that there are products that work and don’t work, things you should and shouldn’t do, and stuff like that.

1. DON’T use Proactiv unless you have minor, minor, minor acne. Proactiv works for a short while but your skin builds up a tolerance, and it costs a fortune.
2. DON’T use Clearisil–too oily.
3. DON’T use Neutrogena–too weak.

1. Biore is the best product out there, and it can be used on both face and chest. It’s the perfect combination of harsh yet soothing. I suggest you use most of its products; they work better when working together.
2. Clean and Clear isn’t a bad product either. I find the Morning Burst to be very effective.
3. Use a refining mask of some sort, any product will do, AFTER you use your different scrubs.

I always avoid moisturizers. Only use them if your skin starts to peel, but don’t use them daily. Also, drink lemon water (not lemonade; lemon water) and eat a lot of citrus. I know they say food has no effect on your skin, but it worked for me. It might just be a psychological thing.

Also, wash your hands a lot. Sometimes people touch their face or chest. Wash your hair daily or as often as possible and change pillows.

Finally, when you go to bed, where a cami or tank rather than a t-shirt; it will allow your chest to breathe.

Sandra asks…

Oily Skin Treatments?

Roaccutane works amazingly for oily skin, i was on it for a few months and my skin was brill and mat all day long.

The problem is that it cant be used over the long term due to health risks.

Does anyone know of any other oily skin treatment ?

I read somewhere about having the invisible hairs removed from your face to stop oily skin but cant seem to find anything about that anymore.

I have a perfect skin care regime, diet, exercise etc..
so treatments only Please.

Thanks ALL

p.s. No cook-book face mask formulations plz, just real treatments.

jennmill answers:

Retin a has worked wonders!! I used to have the most oily skin (the type where you wash your face and ten minutes later it’s all oily again..) and i don’t have oily skin anymore! And trust me, i’ve tried everything there is to try! But i’m still on this weird antibiotic stuff mixed with benzoyl peroxide, but i think it’s the retin a, since it shrinks your oil glands. I think you need a prescription for it, but it’s worth it!

Mandy asks…

Skin care suitable for combination skin?

I have rather odd skin. It’s prone to spots and gets a little oily the week before my period, but otherwise it is dry! I have tried oily skin treatment and it makes my skin dry and blotchy and moisturising products bring me out in spots! AAAAAAAAAHHhhhhhhh!!!!.

jennmill answers:

You can just use both skin treatments, oily and dry, when you feel your skin needs it. Our body changes, so does our skin, so you need to adapt your skin regime to your skin condition. It sounds like you may have sensitive skin. Have you tried Neutregena for sensitive skin? My sister uses it and it keeps her face under control. If your skin is too oily sometimes, then you blotting paper to absorb facial oil.

From what I understand, a woman’s body go a little bit crazy before menstrual period, due to the hormones in the body shifting gear. That is why some women have period acne, like my older sister who breakout before every period.

So go for sensitive skin products like Neutrogena for sensitive skin or try Cetaphil cleanser. Cetaphil is so mild and gentle to your skin. It wont make your skin to oily or dry. Try it. It however sucks at removing make up. (Sis told me that).

Mary asks…

Best acne treatment for oily skin & bad breakouts?

I have very oily skin & a lot of acne. I have tried Proactive, Clean & Clear, a LOT of over the counter products & nothing seems to work for my face. Right now I am using Exposed Skin Care & I have been using it for a month & a half now & i have seen no improvement in my skin. My other scrubs I am also using is Neutrogena Deep Clean, St. Ives Blackhead & Blemish, & Biore Pore Scrub. I do not over wash my face. I only wash it in the morning & at night. I wash my makeup off like I should but i haven’t found the perfect stuff for me. Does anyone know of anything that is great? I have also went to the dermatologist & there stuff did not work & i am not getting Accutane.

jennmill answers:

I too have very oily skin and a lot of acne. My problem is that after washing my face, the oiliness comes back within an hour. I would give the dermatologist another try. Mine prescribed me this:

Benzaclin (Apply after showering in the morning and mid-afternoon) and,

Differin 0.3 (Apply before going to sleep) and,

Clindamycin (antibiotic taken orally daily)

I try to wash my face at least twice a day. Once with a medicated cleanser that has either salicylic acid in it or benzoyl peroxide. Then the other time, I use a product like the Neutrogena Bar for Acne-Prone Skin.

Using all these products kinda helps, but won’t cure my acne. It has no effect on the nodular or cystic acne.

I am considering accutane, as I have tried so many products that didn’t help.

Laura asks…

so many skin care products out there, can u help me to choose one which product will be good for my oily skin?

there are good brands for skin care like la mer, chanel, neutrogena, kiehls, etc, & it makes me confuse if i have 2buy things like cleanser, toner, moisturiser, eye cream. im using neutrogena cleanser, clean&clear toner and moisturiser right now, but the toner and moisturiser dont help me that much.
my mum said, that i better go to skin clinic, and let the doctor do the rest. but what i dont like about going to skin clinic is you’ll have your great skin as long as u use the stuffs what the doctor give u, because once u stop using those stuffs, u will have ur dull skin back. and during the treatment you cant wear make-up.

so wut do u think? should i go to skin clinic, or i just buy skin product from those brands?
so far, im thinking about la mer. but since it is quite expensive, i must think twice before i buy it because im afraid i’ll get no result of using it.

if u think i dont hv to go to skin clinic, wut is the best product for my oily skin?

jennmill answers:

Clean and Clear

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