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Your Questions About Skin Care Treatment For Oily Skin

Chris asks…

Male with oily skin and large pores seeks advice on skin care.?

I’m male, 37 and have always had very oily skin. My pores on my face and large and I often find blackheads. Now I have found some information on what to do here at these sites:—Treating-OilySkinOilySkinTreatment/85688

but questions remain:
Are the AHA products good for me and if so is that the mild cleanser I use 3 times a day?
Is there a manly clay-based face mask? When during the day should that be applied?
Should the astringent be used after each washing and is that before or after the moisturizer?
I’m obviously confused by the regimen and order of things.
When should I expect to see a difference?
I’d like a solution that is conscious of the amount of money that men usually spend on face care products.
Evian? your kidding me right? Come on, that’s just water. I’m leaning toward the skincareconsultant now. Anyone?

jennmill answers:

Here is what I have recommended for my boys.

First wash your face every day. I try to get them to use something like Desert Essence Face Wash. It has tea tree oil in it. Three times might be too much … I would suggest in the morning and at night. A good moisturizer in the am will help keep you from getting stuff in your pores.

We also keep a bottle of witch hazel at the sink and cotton make up pads (not cotton balls). This is good for quick swipes when needed. TN Dickinson’s is a good brand. They also make presoaked pads if you are travelling.

Desert Essence also has cleansing pads. I usually don’t let my boys use them as often because they are a little more expensive than just washing….

And lastly Desert Essence makes a blemish touch up stick. Burts Bees also makes one but my boys like the Desert Essence one better.

They also like the biore strips which will pull blackheads and other stuff from the pores.

Once a week or so I use a mask from MD formulations … The illuminating masque which helps minimize pores. This should be available at Ulta. The other products should be at your local coop or whole foods or wild oats depending on where you live.

Now, this might sound crazy to you as a man, but you might want to investigate something like bare minerals make up. It is a powder which is buffed on. It is usually so shear that most people cannot even tell and it covers problem areas as well as protects your skin. ….



ps when my boys follow this regimen they stay pretty much blemish free

Nancy asks…

Skin Care Treatment for oily skin?

Ok well I was wondering what skin care treatment you find that works the best for breakouts, whiteheads, oily, and red skin? I’ve been using proactive, but that just makes my skin more red. I’ve tried the past three products that they’ve came out with, and even the newest one still doesn’t help me that much. Sadly the cheap easy products don’t work that good for me either. Right now price does not matter for me so I was just wondering what products you find that work best for you, if your skin is similar to mine in some way. I’ve been debating between Clinque and Skin ID. Thank you soooo much in advance! 🙂
Sorry, I did not mean whiteheads. What I meant to say was white bumps. Sorry!

jennmill answers:

Clinique 3 step skincare if u have mild acne. If u have severe acne id go with clinque acne system

Robert asks…

Oily skin care/treatment/regiment/makeup HELP!!!?

Okay I am SOOO frustrated with trying to get help online. I keep opening all of these new windows that tell me this and that and this and that and I’m just SO CONFUSED. I want somewhere that tells me how to care for oily skin from step 1 to step 10. What do I do first? What do I do next? Is moisturizer before cleansing, what about sunscreen, should my makeup have oil? Seriously, I’m just so furstrated and I can’t give up! I would REALLY LOVE to find ONE place that tells me okay here’s what you do in the morning, and then when you put your makeup on this is your first step, second step, third step, fourth step, fifth step, etc and hey when you take your makeup off here’s what you do for night care. I’m just so lost. 🙁
Oh, and also- what products do I use? What about which ingredients to look for and to avoid? See, I’m just so lost. I know that there’s much to taking care of our skin, and it makes sense since it’s our largest organ! I know the info is out there, but I just keep opening so many things and I’m winding up with no information. 🙁 What kind of lotions do I use? Should I use cream foundation or powder? AHHH!!!

jennmill answers:

Try a powder mineral makeup it works wonders

Mandy asks…

what is best treatment for oily skin,and skin with pimples and blackheads,what to do?

please give some tips for care of such skin,and about cleansing it….

jennmill answers:

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Carol asks…

i am 32 yr old, what is best for anti-wrinkle treatment for my oily skin.?

What is the best skin care product for me, i have fair skin,some frekles and pimple prone skin. Hope you could help me? Thanks

jennmill answers:

I recommend you to read a basic guide , how to take care of your skin accordingly with your age

If you want to contact me for a additional question:

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