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Your Questions About Skin Care Treatments At Home

Donald asks…

Does anyone know of a skin care laser that I can use at home to treat broken capillaries?

Something that really works and doesn’t require heavy machinery like at a Dr.s office. I had a laser treatment years ago for a broken capillary
at a Dr.s office but I need something for home use. Any information would be helpful to know how to treat broken capillaires. Thanks!

jennmill answers:

Don’t put yourself to an unsafe condition. Give trust to your Doctor for proper medication.

John asks…

What is the best acne skin care treatment?

What is the best skin care (acne) treatment? Pro Active? Or do I want to go get facials at a professional? Also is there anything I can do around the home (like rub sugar on your skin to get rid of the dry) that I could do that might improve my skin? HELP PLEASE!
What is the best skin care (acne) treatment? Pro Active? Or do I want to go get facials at a professional? Also is there anything I can do around the home (like rub sugar on your skin to get rid of the dry) that I could do that might improve my skin? PS I am allergic to any dyes or fragrances and also witch hazel. I have already tried Arbonne and Avon. HELP PLEASE!

jennmill answers:

Drink a lot of water. Water is a really good cleanser for the body. Continue to wash your face. I hear pro active is very good. It did not work for my sister, however. If that doesn’t work, find a dermatologist.

Paul asks…

Any suggestions for skin care?

I’m going to a wedding in two weeks and haven’t seen these people forever. I want my skin to look it’s absolute best. I kind of have oily skin especially on my nose, cheek bones, and forehead. I also have black heads on my nose and cheek bones. I get small pimples every now. Any suggestions to make my skin look good? I have heard about steaming the face to open pours. I would appreciate any advice. Even though it means any recommendations for skin care products or just a at home treatment. Thank you.l

jennmill answers:

Mary Kay consultant, Dermatologist, that way u aren’t getting a rash from some awful remedy from these off the wall people that might suggest put some kind of crap on your skin then u end up in a worse seen it’s always best to go with the pro’s. On that one yes you can steam the face but you have towash it then put ice cold water back on the skin to close the pours so that dirt and germs don’t sneak back and make those ugly blemishish on youre face. Also try to eat more fruits, veggies and lots of water, teas, and smoothies put some vitiamins garlic,omega 3. A good diet and vitiamins, exersise, and a good specialist will all help

Nancy asks…

Skin care – help?

Ok, i have combination skin (skin gets extremely oily in T-zone – forehead, chin, and creases of nose) and it hasnt really been a huge problem up until now. I am nearly 13 years old so my hormones are going crazy. My skin is getting REALLY oily around my nose, and im breaking out everywhere. Before, i would get the occasional noticeable pimples here and there, and some under the skin pimples that werent too noticable.

I am now getting large pimples in eyebrows, on my forehead, and around my nose. There is one that is really bothering me above my lip, it doesnt seem to go away 🙁

I am currently using spectro gel for combination skin. That seems to be working to prevent the pimples (i started using this after my big breakout) but it isnt helping to get rid of them. Do you know of any really good working creams or skin treatments that helps pimples go away quicker?

Any at home treatments that you know of that would work?

Also, does spectro work as well as i beleive it does?
Sorry, that was long 🙁 I just have __ more thing_. I heard that creams with benzoyl peroxide works best, is this true? Or are creams with salicylic acid the best?

Please dont say proactiv btw, it was the thing that made my skin bad

ONE LAST THING. sorry! How many times are you supposed to wash your face a day?

Thank youu 🙂

jennmill answers:

If i were to choose between benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, i’d definitely choose benzoyl peroxide. It works better.

You can also crush garlic and then apply the juice on your face.

George asks…

Glycolic acid skin treatments?

Can anyone share their glycolic treatment experience with me?

Toushka- if I could hear from you, it would be great!

I discover the ‘power’ of glycolic acid 3 months ago when I purchased a glycolic cleanser from a salon..I use it twice a day (morning and night) and have a fab clear complexion more spots, nor uneven skin tone..

I also do home microdermabrasion once a week to get rid of dead skin cells..which I find gives me a bit of a glow..

I am interested to find out about more glycolic treatments. Do you think it is better to do it at the salons? What’s your glycolic and skin care regime?

jennmill answers:

Use products with 15-20% glycolic acid. There are glycolic creams and lotions available in stores. But it’s not for daily use, just every other day. You don’t need a salon for this.

But there are also glycolic solutions, these have a higher glycolic content and are much more potent than creams or lotions. Dermatologists would apply this once a week only.

You need professional assistance with solutions but not with creams or lotions.


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