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Your Questions About Skin Care Treatments For Acne

Mark asks…

best acne skin care product?

What is the best skin care product/ treatment for acne. I have been trying tea tree and lavender and sweet almond oil and it is not helping. I also tried bio oil and it didnt work. I tried nuetrogena face washes and none of those work. HELP what else can I use!

jennmill answers:

I would recommend wearing a hat and a sunscreen that does not clog pores, and a skincare cream that is light, non-greasy with protective ingredients. You can apply safer and gentler skin care products, which can plain up many acne outbreaks such as hypoallergenic products.

Ken asks…

Joesoef Skin Care Anti-Acne Treatment – sulfur for acne?

I have never used sulfur products to treat my acne before, but since I’ve been using it, it works even better than the salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide on my skin. Why don’t more companies make products like this? It ACTUALLY works on my sensitive skin!!

jennmill answers:

Yes! Sulfur does work for acne. I’ve been using Joesoef Skin Care for my acne, and I saw results in less than a week. I like this much better than proactive since it does not feel as harsh on my skin. I like that it is natural. Did you know this product has been around for 50 years? If it has been around that long, it MUST work!

Steven asks…

what is the best skin care treatment for acne?

I have used all of these products:

Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser [oil free]
Neutrogena fresh cream cleanser [oil free]
Stridex Pads
Clearasil ultra
Clean & Clean continuous results
Johnson & johnson purpose soap
Clinique foaming cleanser

& more.

all of the above either made me break out more, helped for a week and then stopped working, or didnt improve at all. i get acne in the T-zone and my skin is kind of oily, but gets really oily at the end of the day. also sometimes cleansers dry out my skin. i dont know what to use anymore! suggestions?

jennmill answers:

Basis soap for sensitive skin or an oatmeal based soap; also vitamin D which is natural in sunlight.

Laura asks…

What company makes the best all around skin care products for acne-prone skin, regardless of price.?

I am 21 searching for the best skincare product for my acne-prone skin. I have tried many prescription drugs for my skin, and over the counter treatments, none of them seemed to please me. I am looking for something that will deliver dramatic results, and even erase the scars that my acne has left behind. I have tried just about all of the prescription methods except acutan. The over the counter methods include Neutragena on-the-spot treatment, clearsil, nothing too fancy.

jennmill answers:

1. Proactive
2. Skin ID

That’s what I use but if I remember anything else, I’ll edit my answer.

Maria asks…

Are there any acne treatments for ethnic skin that works?

I’ve had acne since the 3rd grade. I been to dermatologist and have see pharmacist and been prescribed every tetracycline (doxy,mono), clidamycin, vanoxide, retin a, differin, and tazorac. I am currently using vanoxide in the morning and tazorc in the evening. i take 2 pills of doxyxline a day. Most of the antibotics and creams I have used have messed my face. I have large pore, scarring and very oily skin. If there’s not a good ethnic skin treatment, can anyone me refer me to any other acne treatment other than accutane. the various antibotics have made my skin peel alot especially in my hair and the cortisone in the vanoxide give me big painful cyst. i have use proactiv, zenmed, murad, acnefree, etc. I’ver heard about heritage skin care but i didn’t see any reviews about the product other than the ones on the size and i never trust those. i’m willing to try any prescrip my physican at school can prescribe and i can try any new treatment that are at now. any reccommendations please

jennmill answers:

Try African Black soap,it works get the one called DUDu Osun it contain lemon and lime in the ingredients

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