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Your Questions About Skin Care Treatments For Rosacea

Michael asks…

I have a bit How do you treat Rosacea (redness) on your cheeks?

I think I have Rosacea on my cheeks at least on the sides and its not severe or anything and mostly my skin is clear barely break out or anything but still its kind of annoying because sometimes i like to go with out foundation and redness is kind of noticeable. I also have the red chicken bump stuff on my arms (keratosis pilaris) so maybe its linked? But I laready found a very good treatment for my arms I just wonder what skin care companies design some special products just for my face? What are some treatments? have any of you faced the same little annoying problem and where you able to come up with a way to reduce the redness?? Thanks 🙂

jennmill answers:

You could buy prosacea for your face.. They sell it at target, cvs, and also online. It’s a gel that works pretty well for alot of people..

Laura asks…

How can I prevent rosacea from getting worse?

I’m going to see a dermatologist about this next week, but wanted to check beforehand if anyone could suggest therapies to ask her about. I am 24, and have been noticing rosacea slightly coming in for the last 2 years or so. It runs in my family, so I immediately knew what it was and have adapted my skin care to avoid exacerbating it (by using Bare Minerals makeup, Cetaphil face wash, Retin-A to control acne, etc). Everything has been all & well until about a month ago, when I ran out of Retin-A and had a huge flareup which hasn’t gone away and also effects my eyes. This has been really disappointing and upsetting for me because I was so sure that I had my symptoms under control, but apparently not. Of course I will ask the doctor for a new Retin-A prescription, but I am interested in a more long term solution.

Anyway, the redness and flushing on my cheeks is noticeable but not really bad (its more pink than red), but is there any kind of treatment which is able to treat these mild symptoms or prevent them from worsening? I have been doing a lot of internet research and I’m really interested in lasers but worried that they are more commonly used to repair serious damage, not prevention.

Does anyone have advice on therapies which have worked to keep rosacea at bay? Or insight into laser treatment for mild redness? I’m worried that even if I do try the laser, it won’t be cost effective because my problems aren’t that bad (yet).

Thank you!

jennmill answers:

I don’t really know anything about rosacea, but will give this a shot.

It seems that it could be partly due to some inflammatory response; therefor I would say you can try anti-inflammatory foods e.g. Try juicing carrots, beets, and pineapple, and using other types of anti-inflammatory foods for a week — see how it goes… Give me a shout back!

Mandy asks…

Rosacea has ruined my life and I’d like to end it.?

Me- 24, female

Some people have Rosacea and some people have severe Rosacea so before you judge, you should know that. For the last 7 years I have had progressing ocular rosacea and skin rosacea. It is painful, uncomfortable and crippling.
I was a highly academic person, now I can barely use my eyes to read. I was pretty, now I can barely look in the mirror. I was very outgoing, now I can barely look a shopkeeper in the eyes.

What people don’t understand about this disease is that it is not about vanity. I have given up caring how pretty I would like to be, I’d settle for normal. I have constant mucus and painful redness of the eyes and my eyelashes are now falling out. You can’t tell me that there is no reason to be depressed.

I have had IPL,KP Laser, been on doxycycline, minomycin,low dose isotretinoin/roaccutane, had a colonoscopy to check for gastro links, had smart plugs put in my eyes, have used about 50 different eye drops some costing $100 a box. I used lidcare at least twice a day and hot compresses on my eyes. I also coat my face and lids in vaseline every night without fail, or I will suffer the next day. The only products I am not allergic to are cetaphil and at my worst I can’t actually wash my face even with water as my skin is so dry that it cracks and bleeds. If I try to fully open my mouth wide, my skin tears and leaves little blood blisters. Sometimes my eyes puff up and over so I can’t even see out. I don’t eat wheat, I limit dairy- no alcohol, no coffee, you name it. People say I eat like Madonna, all vegies meat and fruit- nothing from a box, can or processed.

I have been to the top dermatologists. My dad is a doctor and so he has accessed some of the best people for me. Some had closed their books and took me on because nobody else could help me.

I guess the purpose of this rant is not to ask for help but to open some people’s eyes to the varying severity of this disease. Some people have it mildly and the treatments help them- but for a lot of people THIS IS NOT A VANITY ISSUE. This is a life issue, a survival issue.

If it wasn’t, why else would a girl who loved people,life and just being normal, be sitting in her house for the last 12months- never leaving, just trying to get some help. Ordering food and anything I need to the door of my house and letting my Grandma go grocery shopping for me.

Yes,I do believe in God and yes I do pray everyday. I am not mad or bitter and people say it is amazing that I cope so well. Everyday I just get through, walk my dog at night when nobody will see me and live with my Grandparents. Thank God for them. Maybe if I can just be a good person and keep perservering God will do something, I don’t know why he doesn’t but I can see how this has made me a better, unsuperficial, compassionate person. I can barely watch Australian Idol without crying for the person voted off these days- THAT is how much this has broken me. If i got better, I’d only want to do good things for people but I feel like this can’t go on. The agony and the boredom of an idle mind, sitting here wasting away like a potato. A very sad potato. hah. Prior to this, I was like a machine- visiting doctor after doctor never giving up but it feels like I have no hope left.

Before you respond to people on this telling them that suicide is not a logical conclusion to severe rosacea, you should know how bad it can be. Just because you have a little bit of pink in your cheeks and can deal with it, doesn’t mean that other people aren’t suffering. So next time, listen to them and know that their complaint is not only legitimate, it deserves some compassion.
Thanks to everyone who has replied. I really appreciate the genuine responses. I just needed to vent.

To the guy who made the first comment, I’m not vain and I don’t ‘care more than other people’. I am tough. If you haven’t seen ppl with severe rosacea,or sight threatening ocular rosacea then that is because many of them don’t leave the house- not because they are vain- but because the sun, wind, fluro lights all exacerbate beyond bearability. I go for walks at night because sometimes I need to wear goggles.
I care about other people and I have seen other people’s suffering, in fact that was my job description before I had to stop work in February. I live on savings right now. I listen to other people’s problems and I care about other people suffering out there stuck inside or with chronic illness, so don’t tell anyone who is suffering that they should think about other people in worse situations. We are all people and our problems matter to each of us, there is room for everyone.
Thank you wee-bird, skye and gold.

Your story broke my heart wee-bird, I almost electrocuted myself crying on the keyboard! ha.

I’m really glad you got better anyway.

I have one more scan to have- I am seeing an endocrinologist who thinks there may be some hormone problem causing me to flush so much. I just got some negative tests back today from him which really sent me into a tail spin.

There are so many people suffering in their houses from all sorts of things.The only thing that keeps me going is hoping their is a positive reason for all this, that I will be so strong if I get better that I will be better than if I’d never been sick.

Thank you to everyone who replied again.

jennmill answers:

Im so sorry for you sweetie….I know this isnt the same but I became very overweight a few years ago due to depression and it made me scared sh*tless to go out and face the world….I couldnt fit into any of my clothes so there for couldnt even go out to buy new ones…..I was stuck at home and would get alcohol delivered instead of food just because it made me feel better about myself….
Three years on and Im ok….but I know how hard it is to be house-bound….
You should try and join a group or something, somewhere to meet people like you…
I really dont know what to suggest but you should know you are beautiful whatever mould god put you in….You have adversity and pain but your beauty will always shine through if you let it….
I really hope you will find the strength to carry on….please dont do anything horrible….
Medical research is always progressing….there could be a cure yet…

Hold on hunny, xx

Linda asks…

Acne rosacea?

I have been suffering with acne rosacea for nearly a year and to date nothing that I try seems to work. I have been to the doctor several times. I am allergic to most of what they perscribe and what I am not allergic to just doesn’t help.

The past three months I have been using a skin care system called “Zen Med”. It helps a little, but not enough. There are so many treatment options on-line, it can really confuse you as to choosing what is right for you.

Does anyone have any suggestions? And please no “See a dermatologist” suggestions. I have with no results. I haven’t looked “normal” in nearly a year now.

jennmill answers:

I have had this also Aveeno -with feverfew- products you can buy at CVS I have used and they do not burn when you use them,

I went to a dermatologist he gave just me a list of food not to eat-coffee chocolate yougurt-hot things hard to live that way

Carol asks…

Best Long-Lasting Drugstore Foundation?

Hey all, I’ve been looking for a good drugstore foundation (MUST be drugstore, I’m cheapo).
Details about my skincare:
Skin type: Combo w/ Rosacea and acne scars
Skin care:
4-week Murad Cleanser, Toner, Acne Gel, Spot Treatment, and Moisturizer
Previous Foundations:
Maybelline Liquid Dream Mousse
Maybelline Superstay 12-hour makeup
Covergirl Fresh Complexion

So, I’ve tried the Dream liquid mousse, but it rubbed off really easily and made me look orange, so I stopped using that. I tried the colorstay, and it was really great, but I looked like an Oompa Loompa. Maybelline’s colors don’t work for me.
Now I’m just using Covergirl’s fresh complexion in Buff Beige. The coverage is OK, but it rubs off and sweats off VERY quickly.

So as you can see, I’m kinda stuck 🙁
I’ve heard good things about Revlon’s Colorstay and was going to try it, but would like some input first.
Thanks 🙂

jennmill answers:

Colorstay is the way to go. I really like that they offer two formulas for different skin types. The combo/oily formula is PERFECT for controlling the oil on my freakishly oily T-zone, but still keeps the rest of my face hydrated. The coverage is wonderfully buildable too. I find I get the best application using a dampened Beautyblender type sponge. Sonia Kashuk makes one for Target that goes for about $10 and is totally worth it. Just make sure you wash it with a gentle face wash (like cetaphil– dirt cheap at any drugstore) often to keep it free from bacteria.

The best things about colorstay are how long the color lasts, (especially when set with a translucent powder) and the fact that it has never, EVER broken me out. I have absurdly picky skin, and I read reviews before I purchased mine that said it was near impossible to get it all off at the end of the day, which could lead to breakouts. I’ve never had problems with that at all. I use very gentle cleansers with a regular ol’ face cleansing brush I bought for $5 at Sephora and I haven’t had any problems removing all of it.

The only tricky thing I’ve noticed about colorstay is their color system. I got a little too comfortable with MAC’s coloring system, and figured that lighter shades would have lower numbers, but that wasn’t how it worked at all. I wound up having to swatch a couple shades on my cheek (not on your hand!) to find the best match for my skin. It looks a bit paler in the bottle.

Anyway, for ten bucks, Colorstay is a VERY solid drugstore foundation, and I’d totally repurchase it. Just make sure you purchase it from a store that will do refunds or exchanges on cosmetics and keep your receipt! So if you get the wrong color or end up hating it, you won’t have wasted your money.

Hope this helps!

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