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Your Questions About Skin Care Treatments For Rosacea

Laura asks…

Is there a connection between eating wheat and rosacea?

I am allergic to wheat and found out I have rosacea. Is there a link? Anyone experience this and what treatment do you follow to care for your skin?

jennmill answers:

Yes, I believe there is a connection, and wheat is classified as one of the factors that may irritate and bring about rosacea. The best thing you can do is avoid products that may cause the allergy spurt and keep your skin well taken care of. You can click on or for more information.

Mark asks…

What’s the best care for Rosacea? PLEASE? :[?

I’m 20 and was just diagnosed with rosacea and I’m not going to lie…I’m extremely disappointed :[ I don’t mean to sound vain, but I have never had an issue with acne and now to have this condition is…more than upsetting. I know it’s not all about looks and I know a ton of people have rosacea but even with those facts…it sucks! :[ It’s bad enough that I get cold sores almost every month around my period (thank you, Mother, for passing that to me! lol), but now I have this terribly irritable skin on my face:[

Anyway, it first started as one like red bump that’d appear on my left bottom eyelid at the corner. It’d flare up every month or so then go away. Then, my eyes would always run a bit. Next thing I knew I started getting three of the bumps in the same spot on the other eye. And then a couple months later, on my top eyelid close to my nose I got this raised, red, flaky patch there that was sensitive and I couldn’t explain what it was! So I finally went to the dermatologist after like 6 months of having this and she said I have rosacea. (Not to sound dumb, but just to make sure it’s the right diagnosis, which I’m sure it is, I’m going to another doctor…just incase!) So the prescribed my metrogel 1% and I’ve been using that. And then just two days ago out of NO WHERE my chin broke out in the same way my eye did and I was so upset because I was on my way to a parade (my boyfriend is a marine) and it just wasn’t pretty… :[

Anyway, I’ll stop complaining. I’d really appreciate if any of you that have rosacea or a family member or are a doctor, if you could tell me the best treatments.

What’s the best:

-soap to use?
-foundation to use? (if I use it. I’ve never had to use it before:[ sadness)
-facial moisturiser (I purchased eucerin facial lotion because a woman at the pharmacy told me it was good for rosacea)
-some sort of relieving cream?
-eyedrops perhaps? For the itchy watery eyes?

I had some more questions but I forget them! But if you could give me any advice I’d be greatly greatly thankful! I feel so lost here:/ I know I’m lucky for what I have, decent skin other wise, a loving boyfriend who could careless if I had five hairy moles on my face, but it’s still just such a disappointment. I know what it’s like to get looked at with a darn cold sore when I get them, and now I’m going to have to get used to getting looked at with this. Ha, sorry I sound like a big baby.

Thanks for reading this and please please please help me out here!

jennmill answers:

Living with rosacea can be very difficult at times. I know because I’ve lived with it for over 3 decades now.

SOAP; Do not use regular soap on your face. It can be very drying and can irritate the skin, causing further redness.
– only use gentle, fragrance-free, oil-free, alcohol-free cleansers on your face.
– avoid all scented soaps and creams (scents & fragrances can irritate sensitive or inflamed skin)
– have a daily facial cleansing routine (2x daily, morning & night. Do not scrub as this will irritate the skin) Also, cleanse after exercising to remove excess oils, dirt, & sweat.

FOUNDATION; When it comes to make-up and rosacea, less is better, as your skin needs to breathe to heal.
Find a good make-up primer that you apply to your face after cleansing & moisturizing, before applying your foundation. Use a quality foundation, with a slight hint of green. The green actually helps counteract the redness.
Avoid any foundations that have any pink or red tone to them. Those tones will only magnify the existing redness.

MOISTURIZER; Drink more water and avoid all alcohol & caffeine products (coffee, tea, pop, etc..) Alcohol & caffeine will actually dehydrate your skin. Water re-hydrates from the inside out. As well, alcohol is generally a known trigger for most rosacea people.
Neutrogena makes an excellent moisturizer, simply called “Moisture”. It’s oil-free, fragrance-free, alcohol-free and they have a type that is specifically made for sensitive skin.
– try using face lotion containing certified green algae or aloe vera gel (use lotions, not creams, as lotion is more gentle on the skin and absorbs more easily)

RELIEF; Earth Science has an herbal facial mist that is an oil-free moisturizer which is sprayed (misted) directly onto your face. If you store it in the fridge, it is very refreshing and helps cool and lower the skin temperature of the face immediately. Because it’s a mist, it can easily be applied anytime without rubbing or causing further irritation.

EYE DROPS; Stick with natural saline products (Natural Tears) and avoid all drops with any chemicals or preservatives. There are a few drops out there that are natural and not costly. Read the label.

EYE WASH; Ask your optometrist about a lid & lash cleanser to help relieve the itch and crust that can build up from ocular rosacea. This is what I use.. Http://

You may want to consider trying an alkaline diet.. Check this site for details for the rosacea diet.

Increase your omega 3 fatty acids by taking supplements such as Evening Primrose Oil, fish oils, etc… And by eating walnuts, hazelnuts, or pecan nuts (if you’re not allergic)
Ground Fennel seeds and Flax seeds, as well as Flax seed Oil supplements (omega 3’s) also act as anti-inflammatories. (reduce redness)
Omega 3’s aid in proper digestion and healthier skin.

Try increasing your intake of vitamin D through supplements (1000 – 4000 IU/day) and B-complex to aid in healthier skin and maintaining a healthier immune system.

Some people have had success using Turmeric orally or topically. (reduce redness and acne)

Here are a few helpful, (and natural) hints for a better complexion for a lifetime:
– find out what your own personal food “triggers” are and avoid them so you can avoid flare-ups of redness and acne. (many people find food with histamines aggravate the redness)
– drink pure green tea (matcha), rose hip tea, and fennel tea (great antioxidants)
– eat foods high in anti-oxidants; such as blueberries, cranberries, purple grapes, broccoli, etc..
– avoid spicy foods, greasy foods, and foods with a high refined-sugar content. (these foods disrupt the natural digestive processes of the body)
– avoid hot things. Hot showers & hot tubs, hot drinks (the heat will dilate blood vessels causing more redness)
– avoid extended periods in direct sun (use sunblock with 15 – 30 spf)
– avoid extreme weather conditions (hot, cold, windy..)
– try to get at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep each night (aids in the healing processes of the body)
– try to cut down on stress (stress can magnify a multitude of conditions)

Check out the sites below for the most current, up-to-date information regarding rosacea…

Charles asks…

Anyone know of treatment for Rosacea. It seemed to appear over night and the?

treaments suggested by the doctors has not worked and it appears to be getting worse. I have a good skin care regime and use a regular cleanser instead of soap and water.

I would be grateful for any help as I’m becoming very self concious about it as it has now become very noticable
Please write that in again as I cannot understand it. Thank you so much.

jennmill answers:


The standard antibiotic creams for rosacea are very effective either orally ( a tetracycline) or topically ( metronidazole).
The do not however “cure” the conditon – so prolonged treatment may be needed.

If you have not yet had oral antibiotics then ask your Dr for a prescription.

If that fails to work then you need to consider that the diagnosis is not correct – ask for a second opinion or for a referral to a dermatologist.


Thomas asks…

ea, been to derm23 yr old male, long sufferer of rosacea many times, I need new insight and my own experience?

Had Rosacea since senior high. Ever since I’ve been seeing derm with some success but I always end up coming back, either the product stopped being effective, or product had recieved a ban from the FDA. Also did light therapy session with little improvement.

I’ve used atleast 6 different topical cream just for rosacea, all if not most contain some sort of steroid and other chemicals I am afraid to have on my skin in the long term.

My rosacea can get ugly, with not just flushing but also bumps and blemishes. The most difficult part to treat is the ones located under my lower eyelid because using certain topical creams can thin the skin, you know what that means, ladies.

September 2008 is when I took a risk. I switched all my skincare products to all-natural including shaving. Either it was going to get better or worse. It did get better, in 10 minutes saw noticeable result on the mirror! I felt the debris from the roscea just slide away, I can feel it on the tip of my fingers. This natural regimen caught the rosacea at its very early stage before it became full-blown, overnight. Obviously, I am also aware about other conditions that may play a role in causing rosacea to appear.

But fast forward to today, combination of getting fever, exposure to wind all day, physical stress made me breakout into a more widesprea area under the lower eye. It seems uncontrollable with the stuff I’ve been using for more than 6 months. It’s as if my rosacea adapted to this new forumala, like a virus mutating into someting else that resist current treatments. I dont know this is happening.

I just need to know if someone out there has had any success formulating their own regimen using natural products. I have very sensitive skin and also prone to acne and other skin-related issues like eczema and seborrea.

The products that I used for my face: Dessert Essence: Jojoba Oil, Burt’s Bees: Tomato Soap, Dessert Essence: Tea Tree oil.

For my hair, I use various Burt’s Bees hair products, they are 98-100% natural and provided some relief with seborea on the scalp. I could not risk using chemicals that tend to flow over my face as I shower.

Again if you found something that works for you that is all-natural skincare products or have tips on how to deal with rosacea that not commonly found over the Internet, kindly share them.

jennmill answers:

Rosacea can be aggravated by a bad diet and it can be linked to a few nutrient deficiencies. Try taking a high dose B vitamin complex (at least 100mg of each B) take in the morning, Zinc picolinate at least 22mg ( take at night on an empty stomach), 500mg of vitamin C 3 times a day. It will take a few months to build up the levels of zinc.

Diet wise, its a good idea to try and cut out dairy , cut down on red meat and cut out all junk food. Eat loads of fruit and veg, especially leafy greens. Cut down on sugar and always combine carbs with a good source of protein.

If you are having any problems with digestion ie constipation, bloating, diarrhea or flatulence then you could try taking a digestive enzyme for a few months. This will help to get the nutrients out of your food.

Good luck

Ken asks…

How do you treat Rosacea (redness) on your cheeks?

I think I have Rosacea on my cheeks at least on the sides and its not severe or anything and mostly my skin is clear barely break out or anything but still its kind of annoying because sometimes i like to go with out foundation and redness is kind of noticeable. I also have the red chicken bump stuff on my arms (keratosis pilaris) so maybe its linked? But I laready found a very good treatment for my arms I just wonder what skin care companies design some special products just for my face? What are some treatments? have any of you faced the same little annoying problem and where you able to come up with a way to reduce the redness?? Thanks 🙂

jennmill answers:

Your Dr. Can prescribe a topical medication. (Metrogel)

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