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Your Questions About Skin Care Treatments

Mary asks…

What are your best homemade skin care treatments?

I like using natural products for my skin and want to learn what women all over the world use.

jennmill answers:

Self massage with natural oils like coconut, almond, olive, jojoba, cypress works wonders. They nourish and feed skin many beneficial and health promoting nutrients. It’s best to massage on a daily basis quite thoroughly for best and quickest results. I found a forward and back motion using finger tips and front and sides of fingers, depending where on face you massage, is best (a circular one will be less effective).
Quickly gets rid of blemishes in a matter of days, conditions and tones face skin and face muscles as well as firming, and tightening and making skin smooth and greatly inhibits face aging and wrinkles . Will also give skin a healthy natural glow. Oils are perfect, safe, natural moisturizers. As you probably are aware many skin products and moisturizers have been pulled from market because of skin harming , skin aging and, in some cases, cancer causing concerns. Like any moisturizer you do not remove (most quickly absorbs into skin). Simply splash face with water and dab dry with tissues.You will be amazed at it´s effectiveness.
To avoid harm from toxic sunscreens apply on top of the oil. Surprisingly it is equally effective. I know because I spend hours in the sun and I never burn. Many have benefited from treatment and I have glowing testimonials from happy users. See my many Best Answers

SOURCE(S): 20+ years research into safe, natural treatments and cures of skin conditions, skin enhancement and anti aging, rejuvenation treatments.

Sandra asks…

Any new cutting edge skin care treatments for sagging skin?

Are there any new methods for shrinking skin on the horizon? Ways of drastically firming and tightening skin without surgery?

jennmill answers:

Check out the products from ARTISTRY…. There Great and what your looking for….. Http:// password beauty

Charles asks…

What are some low cost over the counter skin care treatments for anti aging and softening?

jennmill answers:

I have to say you get what you pay for. If you want good results you need to try something with Clinical results.
SeneGence is amazing and has money back guarantee.
Also, a new Serum with Stabalized Vitamin C.
You’ll be glad you invested in your skin!

Maria asks…

how can i make my own skin care treatments?

how can i make my own skin care treatments to get rid of acne

jennmill answers:

Check out this article that has a whole bunch of great natural homemade beauty products:

Donna asks…

How to layer skin-care treatments…do you have any advice?

I am starting to use Retin-A (again). Nothing beats this for smooth, young looking skin! Because I also must use sunscreen and want to use self-tanning cream, I am uncertain of a few things. Then of course, I will need a moisturizer. I am confused on what order to apply all of this successfully…and still wear makeup! Any ideas?

jennmill answers:

Not all at the same time, or consecutively!!!!

Use the retin-a as prescribed. Use the sunscreen next (an ideal solution would be a moisturizing sunscreen)…

Make sure you’re exfoliated and moisturized, then do the self tanner. I’d suggest using the self tanner in the evenings, after the retin-a, but no sunscreen, then the moisturizer then the self tanner.

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