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Your Questions About Soft Skin Arguments

Donald asks…

is this short story good or naa?

Peeling the Pedals off of the Flower

English 11
Short story
Due: 3/9/09

“Boom!” The sound of the door slamming. She dug into Eric’s emotions; Anneliese was good at that, when she needed to be. Eric was a tall, muscular guy with brown hair, and brown eyes, with a tint of green on the outside rim of them. Eric had a smile that could melt a girl’s heart, and oh was there another guy who could be more sensitive? Anneliese didn’t know. She knew he loved her.
He loves me.
“I told you before, stop hovering, you know how claustrophobic I am,” Anneliese snarled.
“But babe, I want to be next to you all the time, I know you say I’m being clingy and super needy, but babe I can’t help it!” Eric replied.
“You need to learn how too control it, you know how I am. Oh my goodness you are ticking me off!”
“Actually, no, I don’t know how you are. I try to be with you, but you push me away, I try to stay distant and you complain that I’m too far away. Seriously, Anneliese, make up your mind, what do you want out of this?”
“See you don’t even want to be with me, is that how it is?”
Anneliese always had a way in these arguments, where she would pull out something small in the situation and make it seem bigger than when it was said and how it was meant to be said.
“No, forget it!”
“FINE! Just leave!”
Anneliese was a beautiful girl and Eric thought he was the luckiest guy alive to have her in his life. She had green/hazel eyes, brown and red tinted hair, she was about five foot, seven inches (not that tall compared to her other friends, who were nearing the six foot range), she had soft skin, and she always smelled so sweet with a different fragrance everyday, Eric loved that. Eric loved her, but he was being torn between the fights that were set up on a day-to-day basis. At this point she wasn’t sure if he loved her, but she thought not.
He loves me not.
Eric knew, though, that he would be with her forever, and that’s exactly what he wanted. Eric just needed her to grow up, because she was still, merely, a bitter sixteen year-old, while he was already eighteen -she was a week away from seventeen.
Anneliese had a best friend named Ariel. Ariel, Anneliese and Eric all lived in apartments by the name: Homecoming. Not the dance, just where people live. Home-coming, get it?! Ariel and Anneliese went to separate schools, but when they came home, they were inseparable. These girls met the summer before their freshman year of high school and their friendship has been instantaneous. Ariel was tall, had blonde hair, blue eyes. Ariel was Anneliese’s most gorgeous friend and most charismatic, nearly every guy that surpassed her wanted to be her ‘friend’, yes the meaning of this kind of friend was meant to be elaborated into someone more than a friend, or more or a less a boyfriend.
Eric went from Anneliese’s house to Ariel’s across the street; he was in dire need to talk to her. As he was walking he noticed a leaf fell –in the middle/end of winter. This leaf had some kind of significance, because he looked and noticed it was heart-shaped, he smiled, but within single breath that smile turned into a frown and he was flushed with anger, only because he couldn’t share this observation with the girl he loved so very much, simply based on the fact that he couldn’t sit in a room with her without them getting into an argument.
Eric knocked on the door and waited upon Ariel’s arrival at the door. And there she was.
“It hurts so bad Ariel.” Eric expressed.
“Huh?!” Ariel looked so flabbergasted, trying to recall if he told her he got shot or something.
“Anneliese, she always finds ways to get into an argument, win it, and make things seem more complicated than they actually are, or even should be.”
“Oh, umm…Well here’s the thing, Eric, Anneliese has a lot going on, I’m pretty sure you are definitely going to need to talk to her. She needs someone to talk to her when I’m not around to, and you are her boyfriend, it needs to be you, maybe you should just listen, she may just be venting. Just have a real serious talk with her. I know you two were meant to be, I know you can make it through this little bump.”
“Ah, I know Ariel; you’re always making things sound good, ok I will talk to her. Thank you so much, I love you princess… ooh is that your dads famous spaghetti cooking? Haha!”
“Haha! Yeah. Your welcome, anytime and, of course, I love you too prince!”
Ariel and Eric always call each other prince and princess, based solely on the Disney movie: “The Little Mermaid”. Anneliese always found this humorous and she was their little Flounder.
So now Eric was heading back to Anneliese’s house. To Eric, today seemed to last forever, as though it would never end. After-all, he had non-stop talking since he started talkin
i didn’t get to finish it because this thing doesnt except all the pages i wrote
but oh well, i just noticed it too. umm ok i will put on the endings on it, but idk if you will get the whole point if im only sending the ending, but you could try to get it
English 11 ending with realism: She began crying, he walked away, turned around and threw this small box at her, turned back around and walked away. Anneliese opened the box and inside held a ring. Anneliese began crying, she didn’t stop crying for hours, days, months. Anne never grew the courage to go back and try to explain herself, she knew it was over. Anneliese learned a couple important lessons that day: don’t toy with your boyfriends emotions, even unintentionally, and if you peel too many pedals, you don’t know what pedal will be left in the end, and what you get is what you get.
He loves me not.
Alternate ending (the way I would have wanted it to end):

She began crying, he walked away, turned around and threw this small box at her, turned back around and walked away. Anneliese opened the box and inside held a ring. Anneliese began crying, she cried more than she ever knew she could cry, this went on for minutes, her eyes very red, everything was foggy. Anneliese stood up and began walking and got only three feet before she rudely stumbled over someone, before she knew it her hand was being grabbed and she could tell words were being said, but all she could make out of it was:
“…Marry me?”
He loves me.
He mentioned before they went off “I love you babe!”
With as much glee as he has seen from her in a long time, “I know! I love you too!”
Anneliese never peeled another flower pedal for the sake of knowing if he loved her; she knew the answer. Anneliese got to explain herself to him and he also got to explain
explain that she needs to warn him before and also try not to yell at him anymore and he told her that he was always here, to hear anything she would ever need to let out.

jennmill answers:

3 words: A – MA – ZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thomas asks…

Need help with friend problems?

Okay so this one girl and I just had a big fight. I got mad because her and my other good friend kept making fun of me.. But she was always the one to start it. Her name is Olivia. Olivia would always make fun of me and crack “jokes” that i seriously never thought were funny. One day we were talking about this one thing called outdoor classroom and Olivia said I hope I dont get stuck with losers, like Em. I was sitting right there. And one day I got this really bad gash on my arm and she likes to just play around and hit people and I told her dont, but she did it anyways.

So by this time this had been going on for a while now and I was pretty sick and tired of it. I was sick and tired of always being the joke between olivia and cassidy. The one that they could pick on whenever cause I always kept a smile on my face.

So that night, i confronted olivia. She got sooo pissed off at me. Shes like OMG IM JUST FREAKIN TEASING YOU! DONT HAVE SUCH SOFT SKIN! GOD! I was so upset. She was being so mean to me. I just was trying to tell her about my problems. The next day we didnt talk at all. Although I still talked to Cassidy.

The next day I go into school and Cassidy didnt talk to me the whole day. I was like okay whats going on? So the next day I found out from my one friend that all of my friends hate me just because of how i supposively “yelled” at olivia. They all were mad at me. I was so upset. I was about to cry because at that point, i only had three friends left. Later that night I texted cassidy and asked her why she was mad at me. She said she was just dissapointed because me and Olivia werent friends. Somehow i didnt believe that. Then i asked her about why everyone else is mad. She told me that they are all mad because they all think I complain to much about everything, and I start to much drama, and that I whine all the time. I never do that.. I started one fight this year. and it wasnt that big. That was it. I was pissed. Shes like just lighten up a little! then she was saying how olivia is so crushed about how im telling everyone about the situation which I never did. I dont get it! They didnt think about how I was feeling. I had just lost all of my friends that day just because of them! what was I supposed to lighten up for.

Today I went into school and asked my other friends and they werent mad at me. Thank goodness. Then i got home and olivia said on text why did you tell everyone? I hadnt told anyone about the fight. We had a huge argument and i was just trying to settle things! she wouldnt pick up her phone so i could talk to her about this. She then said to me how she never has any fun with me. So basically just said she hasnt liked me at all this year. She has been a big b*tch to me and I am sick of it. I want to fix this problem but dont. I just told her now that I am done with this friendship. I tried to fix it, but nothing has worked. I said that I was finished and she didnt care.

I still wanna fix it, but i dont. If I could fix it, I dont know how! please I need some answers on what to do. I am so stuck and have been crying about this situation for days. She blames the whole fight on me cause i over reaact and are to sensitive. Please help. I know this is long sorry but I just really need help.. Thanks!

jennmill answers:

Forget olivia, “friends” don’t do this. If she cant understand you and make you feel better then you shouldnt have to make her feel better. She started this and if she was to help make this better than she needs to come around to you. Talk to cassidy about it and tell her your part of the story. Whoeever leaves you over olivia really wasn’t your friend to begin with.

Richard asks…

Why many blacks argue “Our skin can be black, but our blood is red too!”? But, rats have red blood too!?

I’m not understand the logic this argument when some orators speaks about racial equality. Mosquitoes, fliers, ect have a red blood. Then some bugs have right to quotas too {soft Irony}?

This is a sophism, or be, a weak logic?

Other argument: “Our [blacks] helped to build this country”. But it was partially valid only in south of US where had enslavement, alright? Inasmuch, in the north, the enslavement was rare (in the maximum had black women maid servants), But instead there were the white servants paid or was himself settler who worked on his land. And even in the south wasn’t blacks that made a draft of houses, buildings, ect of landlords, because in black Africa (of where the slaves came), had not elaborated buildings, but huts ? except, perhaps, in muslim Africa.

Note: It is a historical doubt that still hasn’t good explanation.

jennmill answers:

White are racist and evil. Its a well known fact.

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