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Your Questions About Soft Skin Tips

Lisa asks…

Any tips on getting soft glowing skin?

I’m pretty pale & I want nice tan glowing soft skin? Any good tips? I want to take better care of myself so any good body, skin, facial, ect, tips I will appreciate! 😉

jennmill answers:

You can get a tan on your face or something and use oatmeal, honey, ground almonds, a bit of water as a facial! Leave it on for 15 mins. It will give you a soft face. Also wash your face daily with some sort of cleanser. Also mosterise your face daily as well. That will make your face nOt dry. If you bern easily get mousteriser with SPF 15 or something and add a bit of suntan lotion so you still get a bit tanned.

Jenny asks…

home remedies to get a clear and soft skin.Few tips to be used for daily basis.?

By which we can use the things what we have at home to use on the skin

jennmill answers:

Drink lots of water. It will detox your body, help hydrate you, it will keep your skin clear. Lots & lots of water. Drink at least 1 gallon per day.-blurey

John asks…

any fast tips to getting super soft skin?

are there any tips to getting super soft skin fast?i have really rough hands so what are the best ways to make them soft?

jennmill answers:

There are plenty of things you can whip up in your kitchen, but my favorite one is an egg mask. It tightens your pores and softens your skin. What you do is separate an egg into to two containers, whites and yellow. Wash your face beforehand with some water, then spread the egg whites all over. When the mask starts drying, you’ll fell it tightening up on your face. After it’s completely dried, spread the yellow on top as a catalyst to remove the dried whites. The yellow part moisturizes your skin, also. When everything’s done, was it off with water 🙂

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