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Your Questions About Soft Skin

Carol asks…

Soft skin?

My skin is normal; not oily, not dry. What lotion should I use so my skin will be soft?

jennmill answers:

I don’t know of any lotions, but I know of a way to make your skin so soft you wont be able to stop touching it.

I use a product from the True Blue Spa at Bath And Body Works called Toe The Line. It’s a scrub for your feet, so it has more of those little gritty exfoliater things. I use it on my legs in the shower before I shave them, and my boyfriend can never stop touching them. I’ve used it on my arms before also.

It works awesomely at making skin so soft. I would never think to use anything else.

Joseph asks…

soft skin?

how can i get super soft skin and make it less dry?

jennmill answers:

At the dollar store (or any store that sells bath products) buy a pair of gloves that you will find in the bath section. They are stretchy and seem rough, but, trust me, they are the best things ever for dry skin. Buy some shower cream/gel and take a warm shower. Generously put your shower cream on the gloves and gently rub them all over your body (even your face – just be gentle). Follow this up with moisturizer and repeat lightly each day. I guarantee your legs will be easier to shave, your skin will be soft and silky. Wash the gloves in the washing machine maybe a couple times each week (for a buck you can buy an extra pair!) Good luck!

Richard asks…

How do I get really soft skin for the face?

Right now, I bumpy skin. I’ve tried a lot of different products but none seem to work. They just irritate my skin even more and makes my skin burn/red. What do you suggest I do to get super soft skin?

jennmill answers:

I HAD the same problem. Thankfully, I’ve sorted it out.
Detox your skin of product for a couple of days & let it breathe and resjust.
Wash your skin with a cream cleanser (Origins & Clinique do nice ones or go for a natural one like Decleor, as your skin is sensitive, a more natural one may be better. I like Liz Earles Hot Polish cleanser). THEN remove your cream cleanser with a muslin cloth (or flannel) rinsed in hot water. This will gently exfoliate your skin.
Get a good tube exfoliatior. I use Clarins Gentle Peeling (it really isn’t as bad as it sounds!) but you can make a simple one with Salt & some almond oil, however cus salt can dry you, stick on a moisturiser straight after!! You could use sugar but I find it’s too harsh on my face. Do this when you feel your skin needs an extra hand (I use it like once a fortnight if that now).
After using a tube exfoliatior, I would make a face mask for my skin to soothe it 🙂 You can make ones out of yoghurt.
Also, look at your diet. I find that citrus fruits & tomato causes blotches and bumpiness in my skin.
Avoid products with alcohol in as this will dry your skin!
Hope this helps xx

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