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Your Questions About Stretch Mark Problem

Carol asks…

Help!? I have a stretch mark problem?

I was putting on my swimming suit the other day and was horrified to find that I had small purple/red lines on my bottom. I thought they might be stretch marks, but I have a very small bottom, and wasn’t concerned that stretch marks would be an issue for me.

Now, however, I have them. I’m not used dealing with things like this, do any of you other women have this problem? And more importantly, have a way of solving it?

Any advice is appreciated, thank you in advance for helping me!

jennmill answers:

Stretch marks are normal for people who work out or for other reasons. You can always try some vitamin e oil or “Bio-Oil” from your local drug store.

Jenny asks…


can someone answer this question why do i have only a little bit of stretch marks on my left arm and alot on my right one and cause of this problem my arms look super funny and the same goes for my hips i have lots of noticeable ones on the left side of my stomach and hips and a few noticeable stretch marks on the other side why is that and i do use my right arm more then my left

jennmill answers:

Sweety maybe you stretch more on one side then the other but dont let it get u down cause the whole world of people have stretch marks. Dont feel down in urself. There are fade creams for stretch marks availabe at pharmacy’s. Good luck

Robert asks…

Stretch mark problem. I Need some good advice?

Okay well, i am sick of this weird problem i have, you can see from my other post i am into fitness, and have done body building i only weigh 49kg and i am 19 but…… i have stretch marks only noticed it this year and maybe he end of last.
I saw my GP about it she said it is normal from a body builder, she also said they are white (which they are) therefore they will will fade.

What can i do to help they and i am very worried they wont. My friend who is also trying to find something wrong with my hence she is over weight pointed it out, this made me really want to do something, my GP wont help she reckons she can’t.
Does anyone have some good old fashion advise or if you had this probably what happened and i am extremely self conscious of this at the moment ;(

jennmill answers:

I have them i use a cocoa butter stick on it its chaep and works but it works friend has purple ones and i am afraid to tell her how to help them oil works well for that NOT scars.

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