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Your Questions About Stretch Mark Problem

Laura asks…

Can you help me with my stretch mark problem?

I’m a 15 year old girl, not overweight at all and I have stretch marks. I think I just grew to quickly. I’ve used too many skincare products to name to reduce this problem, but they seem to just get worse in appearance. I’m considering laser surgery. Is there anyone that has had this done?

jennmill answers:

One of the most effective surgeries for women with stretch marks on their stomach from a pregnancy is a tummy tuck. The tummy tuck gets rid of extra skin and fat, making the stomach tighter and nicely shaped. In the process of this skin removal, stretch marks below your belly button are usually removed as well.

Another option is laser surgery. This type of stretch marks surgery is generally only for people whose stretch marks are still colored red or brownish. If your stretch marks have faded to more of a flesh color the laser will not be able to detect them. This surgery is effectively able to remove damaged skin and stimulate collagen growth, but may not always completely eliminate stretch marks.

Laser surgery can also become incredibly expensive. Each session can cost as much as $1000 or more, and depending on how quickly your skin reacts to the surgery, you may need multiple sessions of laser surgery before your stretch marks fade or go away.

If you are interested in more effective ways of getting rid of stretch marks, you can read abt them from this site:

Mandy asks…

What to do about a stretch mark problem?

I started working out yesterday, like liftting weights and other things and i notice little lines lighter than my skin under my arms. So is this because i am lifting to much or does this just happen.

jennmill answers:

Yeah its probably stretch marks don’t worry they’re normal, i think your just getting to big for your body to keep up

Use coco butter to help them fade, and keep them away

Daniel asks…

Stretch mark problem?

Stretch mark problem?

I am an overweight 14 year old boy. I have stretch marks on my hips, and on thursaday i will be flying down to sydney to see my dad for 12 days. My mum knows i have them, but I really dont want my dad to find out; he’ll have a fit!

Any ways to avoid my dad seeing this?

jennmill answers:

I’m quite sure your father has unconditional love for you so it won’t bother him, if it bothers you then wear something YOU feel comfortable in. If you want to try to get rid of them try using cocoa butter everyday and hopefully it will help. Enjoy your vacation with your Dad.

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