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Your Questions About Teenage Skin Care Boys

Charles asks…

I need a name for to represent all types of teenage girls/boys

I’m going to make a new account on myspace, to help and see the different types of style girl and boys have.
Without taking care of skin color,sexual orientation,gender,raze, or if you are emo,preppy,punk,skater,girly,gansta,etc
Help me please

jennmill answers:

Please IM/email me to explain.
Stuff is on my page.

Robert asks…

Do teenage boys mind…(Points rewarded!)?

I have a few questions that i am concerned about before doing this with my boyfriend. We want to go farther, like 2nd and 3rd base basically. Next time he will see me will be this weekend, and i want to be ready and not nervous, so i know what to do. This will both be are first time, so i am nervous he won’t understand that teenage girls bodies aren’t done developing yet, do you think he will? I told him i am self conscience about my body, and that i do not shave yet down there, and although he claims he doesnt care, since he doesnt shave ethier, i want to anyways, just to make sure. My first question is, would it be alright (not strange looking) if i just shaved everything down there but i do not shave the front part of the vagina area (the mons pubs area?) or would that look weird? My second question is, you cant really see it but when i was in the shower i was washing my bottom area and i noticed there was like peach fuzz on my butt, and my stomach area, and im afraid that he might get grossed out, but i dont think so? Thirdly, i am self conscience about my appearance of my breasts, although i talked to a bunch of guys about it, they claimed he will just be happy he was able to see them, what if my boyfriend is expecting them to be like pornstar material. They have like strechmarks, and there is like hair on them (idk if that snormal) and like there not round but there not pointy, and the areolas part is like the point of the boob and there like fluffy (they only harden in shower, and thats the only time i like them!) and take up almost the whole boob, the boob is also a lighter color then my skin and im just completly nervous (the color is like a light pink which is weird up against my tan skin)…do boys really mind and what have you experienced? Lastly, another thing about my vagina area, people say guys love that smell, but i think it smells quite awful down there (its not that strong, and not fishy) but it smells like sweat and BO, and i just think its awful, and what if i do pee before we do this, what should i do! Oh and one more question, its not awful or anything and my girlfriends say its cute, and guys think its hot (which is weird) but i have like a reddish birthmark (like the size of a apple) on the lower back near my butt and a couple dark freakles on my thigh, and it really pisses me off, and i dont want him to think that its weird or anything….Thanks in advance!

Please dont answer with, “Your too young, do something else,” or “Woah, you seem way to nervous, you shouldnt do this, you sound too self conscience,” or some religious **** about how its a sin.

jennmill answers:

You do sound too young, and much too pre-occupied about your appearance. Also, I don’t understand why other guys know your intimate physical details. Sex is not about anything that you are worried about. As a matter of fact, how sexually active is the guy you are with? Most teens are just glad to score.
I just hope you know as much about safe sex as you do about your physical appearance.

Linda asks…

Skin Care:red spots?

Okay well im a teenage boy going through the usual period in time of pimples and stuff and umm i always =X peel them off YES I KNOW IT’S A BAD THING i stopped doing it now that i notice how bad it is. in the outside when i look in the mirror

mirror-skin looks even and only a few pimples
picture-my skin is uneven red dots everywhere and you can see alot of face skin issues like scars and stuff,black dots (plain my skin isn’t clear and clean)

how can i remove those deep scars i have been using those acne treatment and it turns my skin dry but i have been using that and lotion but i dont see any results what should i do? it’s getting really out of hand its everywhere! when i take a pic it’s so obvious my skin is uneven!

jennmill answers:

Lyk andy i just wanted 2 thank u for answering my Q
u saved my life
it was for an assignment, thnx again

and as for ur Q sorry i donno i just wanted 2 thank u
gud luck wid ur uneven skin

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