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Your Questions About Teenage Skin Care Spots

Thomas asks…

Pimples on a teenager ?!?

What is the best skin care product for a teenage girl to get rid of multiple acne trouble spots ? I’ve tried just about everything 🙁 and nothing seems to work ! Any suggestions ?

jennmill answers:


I have had medium to bad acne since I was 12 years old. I have tried everything from pro active, clinique, clean and clear, and even accutane for a month. I have used Benzaclin (5% benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin) and Tazorac (prescribed Retin – A cream) without this cleanse and they did not work. WITH THE CLEANSE, they do work, or it simply maybe the cleanse. Before this, nothing worked. It is called the “oil cleansing method.” My skin is very clear, no pimples, and silky smooth. I always get compliments on it.

We are told to stripe the oil and dirt from our faces, even to the point of depleting our skin’s store of natural oils, which are there for a reason — to clean, lubricate, and moisturize/protect skin. Using oils to cleanse skin chemically makes logical sense. As like dissolves like, meaning only oil (non polar) and fat substances can dissolve other like substances. Oil cannot dissolve water, and neither can water (polar substance) dissolve oil. BUT, oils can dissolve dirt and oils. For starters you need two things: 1) castor oil and 2) a carrier oil ( I will list below)

1) Castor OIl. Castor oil is a natural antiseptic (bacterial/microbial killer)
2) Carrier Oil. These hydrate the skin, while dissolving and “grabbing hold” of the dirt/oil and carrying it to the skin’s surface, as well as delivering the oil into the pores to moisturize the skin. There are several carrier oils, each good for a certain skin type. For example, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is good for dry skin, grapeseed/hazelnut oil are good for oily to combination skin. Among others that can be used are jojoba oil, coconut oil, almond oil, and hemp seed oil. There are several others that can be researched online so you can find the best fit for your skin type.

I have oil/combination skin, particularly in the t zone of my face (forehead, nose, cheeks). I use the grapeseed oil/castor oil mix. I do it in the evening, as when I did it 2x a day, my skin was a bit dry. So I wash with black soap, all natural (or you can use any other cleanser) in the morning and use benzaclin and aveeno. It works so very well! Below are the instructions on how to carry out the process.

— Mix about 65% of castor oil in your hand with 35% of the carrier oil you choose. Rub together in hands, and smooth/rub into your face (I understand this maybe weird at first, as we have been told oil is wrong for our acne).

— Get in the shower and let the steam hit your face (to loosen up the dirt/oil in your pores) or get a hot towel, ring it out, and place on face in 1 min increments as often as you like.

— Get a towel, ring it out, and wipe the remaining oil off of your face. Be careful not to wipe with the same areas of the towel, as it may need to be rinsed with water, then continue wiping off excess oil.

— Et Voila! Face is clean. The steam loosened the dirt/oil in pores, carrier oil delivered oils to the pores, bound to the dirt/oil and carried it to the surface. Your skin should feel supple and moist.

— You can add what you like to your face after this, acne medications (which will now be penetrated deeper into face, because pores are less clogged), moisturizers, etc. After I cleanse at night I put on Tazorac and Benzaclin.

Please give this a shot. It truly works!! I would not recommend it if it did not. Try it and tell us what you think.

All the Best.

John asks…

How much makeup is “PC” or acceptable for a 16 year old?

So I’ve been wearing makeup for a couple years now, it started when I was about 13, almost 14 I think because I had alot of blemishes, my puberty started when i was about 8, i had my first period at 10 so i was an early bloomer with lots of hormones. I had bad skin and lots of spots, and i was just fed up. i wanted something that would make it stop, lord knows i had tried tonnes of anti-blemish, products to combat acne, i was even on the Clinique 3 step (which i started at 11 and still am on now) but nothing seemed to work; so i turned to makeup, something that would cover my skin, but not be nessicarily bad for it if you chose the right prodcuts.
So here i am around 2 years late and, i wouldnt say total makeup junkie, but i LOVE makeup, its pue accessory, its so fun and you can do pretty much anything with it. I even did my friends halloween makeup for them which ranged from rouged cheeks to full on scary monster makeup; practice really does make things good. anyway down to the question, i’m not seeking “oh you wear too much makeup for a 16 year old! way too much!” or similar comments i’m simply looking for when you were that age, how much did/do you wear? and what do YOU think is acceptable for a girl of my age?
so on a regular day, obviously i dont wear makeup in the house unless i’m experimenting, but on a normal day, to go out shopping or a day out in the town or whatever, i would wear:
moisturizer, not really part of the makeup but its there
primer (optional) i would sometimes use a primer, depends on weather i can be botherd or not haha
foundation, this would usually be liquid, seeing as my teenage spots have still yet to be subsided, even though i do have a doctor prescribed cream for them, i need pretty medium to buildable coverage, i still let some of my real skin shine though though, it’s not all that bad, its just the discolouration and scars i have left behind from acne and the acne still there
concealer, obviously for under my eyes and any blemishes that the foundation didn’t take care of.
now here’s for the tricky bit, i use bronzer
and highlighter
it’s for a look called “makeup without looking like makeup” it’s basically to trick your mind into seeing different things.
i use bronzer in the hollows of my cheek ever so slightly to bring out my cheekbones
blush to give a slight flush to the skin
and highlighter to give me a healthy glow
followe up by mascara, and i don’t usually use eyeliner without eyeshadow, the two just go together for me and i usually wouldn’t wear one without the other, but i usually save eyeshadow for special days out or whenever i feel like experimenting
and i’ll usually throw on a lipgloss or lipbalm of some kind, just something to keep my lips looking healthy.

So to me, this really dosn’t look like too much, it may to some people, but it’s just what i’m used to and what i like applying.
so what do you think? what do you/did you apply?
just so’s you know, i have a geat quote that will shush the “haters” out there
“makeup is an accessory, you wear it don’t let it wear you!”
The bottom line is, i feel comfortable with people seeing me without my makeup, sure i hate my spots and they hurt quite a bit, but it’s me and if people don’t like me then that’s their problem. I’ve gone out without makeup on tonnes of times, i just prefer wearing makeup.
so what do you say?

jennmill answers:

The only problem with wearing the amount you describe is, for a young teen it often feels like…”if a little is good, then more is better.” The only problem with that is, it isn’t true…especially if you battle acne. I wondered if you use a Clinique foundation as well? I was going to suggest the Pro-Active for your breakouts. I never had enough of a problem to use it, but have heard good things from those who do. I just use Cover Girl for foundation. My skin is VERY light so I have to buy one of the lightest shades, but it usually blends pretty well.

It seems like many of the cleansers and makeups tend to bleach the lashes and brows, so I use mascara and a bit of brow highlighter. You should think mainly…”health.” Anything that possibly drys or clogs your pores sounds like it would be counterproductive for you and less healthy. You probably look fine with just a little foundation and mascara, but your emphasis should be “skin care.”

Sandra asks…

How long are dark circles under the eyes meant to last for?

I know that for some people dark circles are like spots, they pop up at annoying times, but fade, and most of the time they aren’t there, when they are there they can normally be linked to a reason, eg a week of not much sleep or flu or something.

But for me this is a different story. Looking back I’ve never had completely clear skin under my eyes, even as a child, but tbh if you look at most children they do have some form of circle or slight puffiness under the eye.

But in my teenage years it got a lot worse.

Now the rest of my skin is perfect, I have unusually clear skin for someone of my age (now 19) I’m blonde and quite fair, I only drink water and milk and have done all my life, I am slightly under weight and I did consider that lack of iron may be an issue, since my hair also takes an age to grow, also a symptom of iron deficiency.

Thing is that nowadays the dark circles under my eyes are so bad that I have to use 3 types of concealer and foundation in the mornings to mask it up. If I don’t even people I’ve known for years ask me if I’m ill or even if I’ve been hit.

My dark circles are in more of a block in the corners of my eyes around my nose, and spreading to about half way under my eye.

It’s not just purple, there is just general discolouration round there, I can also see visible blood vessels, red/bruised areas around the sides of my nose, and white completely colourless skin between my normal skin, and my dark circles.

The skin under my eye is also visibly thinner, so after I’ve applied all my make up you can still see that the area around my eyes is noticeably shallower than the skin of my cheeks.

Now I know what you will say, get a good nights sleep, whilst it’s true that most nights I am up till 1am, however I don’t drink, I rarely go out at night, and let’s face it, most of the student population are up till the early hours of the morning.

So since my dark circles are more of a long term problem rather than an annoyance that can be solved my a quick fix cream, I was wondering is there any sort of alternative treatment I should be looking at? Like vitamin supplements or natural health care remedies? Any advice would be great. I don’t want to cover up my dark circles with make up forever.

jennmill answers:

Everything you’ve said, i am the EXACT same, im even a student too. I reckon that, well in my case, its down to genetics since my Dad’s side of the family have bad bags, is this possibly the same for you?
In some cases Vitamin A in excess, too much sugar and salty foods dont help, don’t know whether this applies to you? But if so then i would try and cut down on them. Or if you have pale skin (like in my case), well this can enhance the appearance of dark circles, so perhaps try and get a tan? Here are some home remedies for getting rid of dark circles:

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