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Your Questions About Teenage Skin Care

Robert asks…

How to care for teenage skin?

I’m a teenager with mild acne and rosacea. How can I properly care for my skin to keep it healthy and treat the acne/rosacea? What does your skin care regimen consist of? I have extremely delicate skin and cannot tolerate harsh products

jennmill answers:

Well I would suggest that if you wear makeup always choose makeup that is oil-free. Make sure that you wash your face really well after you are done wearing it. You also want to find some good skin care products to help with acne. I would recommend checking out the mark skincare line. They have a product called “get clearance” its an anti-acne blemish treatment. You can visit the website and take the skin care quiz to find out what products would best suit your needs.

Daniel asks…

Fresh Clear Skin – What Are The Best Bio Active Teenage Skin Care Products?

What are your favorite natural bio active products for having fresh clear skin. Which ones do you find best for helping with teenage spots?

jennmill answers:

Simple is a good brand. I’ve tried loads of different brands and found that is the best. Although everyone is different and will find that different brands work better for different people.

Susan asks…

whats a good skin care brand for teenage acne skin in the UK ?

i’ve suffered from breakouts, spots, blackheads, pores for ages…
is there any skincare brands that can help me get rid of my spots, make my acne lighter, minimize my pores ?
i have tried literally loads of products, like neutrogena, witch, clean and clear, and etc….
is there any skin care brands in the UK where i can buy them, and preferably not EXPENSIVE prices which could help me ?

jennmill answers:

Use the Garnier Pure line great for acne prone and it helps to prevent breakout and eliminate them leaving skin soft clear without paying alot use the face cleanser,face scrub and moisturizer .

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