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Your Questions About Use Makeup To Cover Acne

Helen questions…

What makeup to use to cover up acne?

I have a small acne and idk what to use to cover it. What do you recommend?

jennmill answers:

Well first you want to make sure your face is well cleaned with a excellent facial wash and use pore tightener so nothing gets in them; then use concealer (I recommend ones from Sephora) to coverup them up, use primer as a base if needed. (:
NO FOUNDATION THOUGH; will make your acne much worse though it seems to cover better.

Maria questions…

what kind of makeup do you use to cover up acne scars…and also how do you get rid of acne scars?

what kind of makeup do you use to cover up acne scars…and also how do you get rid of acne scars?

jennmill answers:

Use makeup that stays in place for 12-14 hours like Lamcome foundation, & there are others, Maybelline has one out too. Use concealor & go to a dermatologist and get the scars lazered off then you won’t have to use makeup. Excellent luck

Robert questions…

How to cover acne using makeup?

I’ve had more than my honest share of acne and I’m really getting sick of it!!! It mainly rest on my forehead and i was wondering if anyone could or would help me with m y small dilemma. Any kind of solution would be fantastic as long as it doesn’t irritate my skin.

jennmill answers:

Hi :) ive also had my tremendously UNfair share.and heres what i do….

1. Use a GREEN concealer and place it on any reness, spots, marks etc. And blend.
2. Get foundation and use a foundation brush to place apply it evenly .
3.get a PRESSED powder and with a powder brush dust it all over your tee zone
( to set and for shine control)

( all items listed are quite cheap and can be found at any drugstore )

1. Maybelline GREEN coverstick
2. Maybelline pure makeup foundation OR rimmel lasting end foundation
3. Rimmel london stay matte pushed powder.

I hope this helps :)

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