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Your Questions About Ways To Cure Acne Fast

Steven asks…

what is an easy and fast way to cure acne?

jennmill answers:

There is no easy, fast ways. There are, however, many effective, but time consuming ways. You need to have patience and be consistent with your treatment.

Jenny asks…

What’s the best/ fastest way to cure acne?

My face is breaking out like crazy. They acne is sometimes cystic and gets infected. What is the best way to cure acne before my face is ruined!

jennmill answers:

You need to keep all hair and anything else oily away from your face. You need to wash your face three times a day if you sometimes get infection. I’d go to a dermatologist to have oral antibiotics prescribed. They are more powerful than over-the-counter acne medications. Use those as directed. You may also be given topical creams to apply on your acne. You must not skip your treatment no matter how tired you are! It’s the only way it’ll go away.

Joseph asks…

Best way to cure moderate-severe acne fast?

What works for you? I don’t mean just one little pimple. I have a bunch of indentation scars..I want them
to go away, thanks

jennmill answers:

I use oatmeal as a facial cleanser. Take a handful of oatmeal (doesn’t matter what type, quick oats, rolled oats…) and run your hand under lukewarm water. Once the oats are fully saturated squeeze out excess water into your hand and wet your face. The oatmeal is a great exfoliater and my skin has never looked or felt better!

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