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Your Questions About Younger Skin Home Remedies

James asks…

how to make my skin look younger?…home remedies…?

for my face.
thx 😀

jennmill answers:

What you want is exfoliation and moisturizing.

For home remedies to exfoliate, you can scrub your face with a paste of baking soda and water; or if that’s too harsh for you, with some cooked oatmeal.
For exfoliating masks, take a whole lemon, slice it in half. Juice half the lemon, then put the juice, and the remaining whole lemon half in the blender, and puree it into a paste. Apply the lemon paste to your face and let it sit about 10 minutes. This might sting a little if you have sensitive skin, but it’s an excellent exfoliant, almost as good as a spa chemical peel. If the lemon mask is too harsh for you, you can do the same thing with an orange, and thicken it up with a little yellow cornmeal.

To moisturize… You’d probably do just as well to buy a good facial lotion from the grocery store. Otherwise, I like to use Vaseline as a night-cream on my face. My grandmother even uses Vaseline as her daytime moisturizer, and she looks a full 20 years younger than her age — people sometimes assume her to be my dad’s wife or sister. So, if you can handle that, that’s an excellent trick.

John asks…

what are some home remedies to make your skin look brighter and younger?

anyone know?

jennmill answers:

I make a scrub of coarse sugar, lemon juice, and apricot kernel oil (I’m sure olive oil would work as well). The sugar exfoliates, and the lemon juice is a natural source of alpha hydroxy. The oil leaves my skin soft afterward.
Anything that gently exfoliates your face will make it brighter and younger by removing dead skin cells that will dull your complexion. Just test it first in a small area to make sure it won’t irritate your skin.

Thomas asks…

what is the best home remedy for younger looking skin without using 100’s of dollars lotions and facials?

home and health

jennmill answers:

First, you need to stop using skin harming and skin aging products. Go to Skin Deep Database and locate the products that you use and see which ones contain skin sickening ingredients. So many everyday name cleansers, moisturizers and other skin care, cosmetic and skin treating products are hazardous to skin health and prematurely age and wrinkle it. Many in teens/twenties use as many as 20 products daily – and many are seriously harmful.

To restore skin health and to greatly rejuvenate it there is no better treatment than massaging with totally safe, pure natural oils. Extra virgin olive or coconut work wonders. They feed skin many healing and nurturing nutrients. You will see transforming results even in one or two days.See testimonial below ##
One cause of skin aging and premature wrinkles is weakening of facial muscles as we age. It can be counteracted by specialized firm and vigorous massaging with totally safe pure natural oils.
Avoid skin pulling by opening mouth 3/4″and pulling lips firmly back against teeth. Tightens most of face. Forward and back massaging – not circular – is best using tips and front fingers and palms. Where possible. This exercises/ tones weakened face and neck muscles while skin is being made firmer, smoother and it will visibly tighten and look revitalized and develop a healthy radiant glow.

Oils are perfect, safe, moisturizers – you will need no other one. Do not remove. Only wipe away any surface excess with water and tissues – will not leave it oily or shiny.

I’ve seen it TOTALLY TRANSFORM sickened, acne plagued, prematurely aging faces into flawless, radiantly healthy and youthful ones.

## Wed, January 19, 2011
From : 1413
“Thank you Mukunda! I’ve been massaging my whole face (and neck) with olive oil for about one week now. My neck, face and my skin are much tighter and my skin feels so soft and moist ALL DAY! And my upper lip wrinkles(smoker’s lips) are 70% gone. Forehead lines.What forehead lines?? They’re 50% gone!.

SOURCE(S): Many years researcher/consultant – safe, natural treatments/cures for skin conditions skin enhancement and anti aging/rejuvenation treatments

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