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Your Questions About Younger Skin

William asks…

Over the counter or home remedies for younger looking skin?

Ive been weariing foundation and powder since seventh grade to hide my acne. Now that my acne and scars are healed i use light mineral powder. The only thing is i feel that my skin has gotten older looking from makeup damage. Im 17 does anyone know anything i can do to get younger skin? products and home remedies?

jennmill answers:

You need to start using weekly masks. Honey can be great as its a moisturizer and can heal the skin and any blemishes if you have them. All you need is a spoonful, apply to the face and leave on for 20min or more. The best mask I’ve ever used for smooth, young looking skin is pumpkin (from a can) same as all, you just need a spoonful, and leave on the face, then rinse. You will see such a hige difference the first time even. Pumpkin is full of vitamin A, the number one thing for smoothing the skin, keeping it clear and reducing wrinkles. Another home remedy (my 2nd favourite) is using cocoa powder. (make sure thats the only ingredient) cocoa is another anti aging ingredient. It increases circulation (so your skin will be nice and rosy after the mask) softens the skin immensely and also helps reduce wrinkles. This you have to mix with about a teaspoon of water to make a paste.
You can use masks 3 times a week, and you will see great results.

Mandy asks…

Is Cover Girl advanced radiance cream foundation safe for younger skin?

I recently read that anti-aging make up can be bad for younger skin.

jennmill answers:

This foundation is very creamy this can lead to white heads
because usually young girl has oily skin so they don’t need
a foundation that is too creamy hydrating.

Try to use Oil free foundation this are better on young girls.

Maria asks…

What is the best product for achieving younger skin? Botox or what?

I hate spending money on something that really does not work, so thought before I invest in one of these “younger looking skin” products I would post here and see what you all think.

I am 42 and lucky to have spent most of those years wrinkle free, but those days are now over. Help me make the right choice.
I know what Botox is. I was looking for people who may have tried and find that something works.

jennmill answers:

Ahh. I know what ya mean. I am 32 and noticed looking bit older – eating/sleeping well and moisturising all well and good but they have their limits.

Peels are good! Dia light is a light peel and they have a machine that flashes and puts collegen back into your skin. It’s good. Been having them. 700 for 6 tho. But i realy notice a difference. There are plenty like that. They remove top layer of skin and they work very well. Make a big difference.

Immadean is a fish oil supplement that makes a difference i’ve found but no wonder thing.

Tis all i know i prob wouldn’t try botox cos i’m worried about looking frozen (or people knowing i have stuff done) but maybe it’s good. I went to a skin rejuvination clinic and had a consultation which was good. Cos they advice different things for different people. Ie i have no lines but a big of early sagging from grinning so much!
Good luck!

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